A bunch of neighborhood kids went on a hoke through the nature center. The total mileage they walked was 16 2/3 miles. If each kid contributed 4 1/6 miles to the hike, how many kids went on the hike?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\large \boxed{4}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:[tex]\text{No. of students} = \dfrac{\text{Total distance}}{\text{Distance per student}}[/tex][tex]\begin{array}{rccl}16\frac{2}{3} \div4\frac{1}{6}& = & \dfrac{50}{3} \div \dfrac{25}{6} & \text{Mixed numbers to improper fractions}\\\\ & = & \dfrac{50}{3} \times \dfrac{6}{25} & \text{Inverted 2nd fraction and changed to multiply}\\\\ & = & \dfrac{2}{3}\times \dfrac{6}{1} & \text{Cancelled the 25s}\\\\ & = &\dfrac{2}{1}\times \dfrac{2}{1} & \text{Cancelled the threes}\\\\ & = &\mathbf{4} & \text{Multiplied the fractions}\\\end{array}\\\large \boxed{\textbf{Four}} \text{ students went on the trip.}[/tex]