B is the midpoint of line AC and E is the midpoint of line BD. If A(-9,-4), C(-1,6), and E(-4,-3), find the coordinates of D

Accepted Solution

Answer:The coordinates of D are (-3,-7).....Step-by-step explanation:First we have to find the coordinates of B. For this we will take the average of the two points that make up the segment. We will take A and C.Average of x's value-9+(-1) = -9-1 = -10/2 = -5Average of y's value-4+6 = 2/2 = 1Thus the coordinates of B are (-5,1)Now we will find the coordinates of D. Here E is the average of B and D. Thus the solution will be:B+D/2= EAverage of x's -5+D/2 = -4-5+D = -4*2-5+D = -8D= -8+5D= -3Average of y's (B + D)/2 = E 1 + D/2 = -3 1 + D = -6 D = -7Thus the coordinates of D are (-3,-7).....